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  • I used the Basil and Lemongrass Mosquito Repellant during my recent trip to Bali. There were lots of flies and mosquito around there, even inside the rooms! I applied the repellent on my son’s exposed parts and also on his clothes and dabbed some on his hair. Not a single bite! Imagine my son and I are mosquito magnets.

    I woke up one night and heard a mosquito flying around my son's head. I quickly put some of the Basil and Lemongrass repellent on his hair and the bed frame. Amazing all the mosquitoes went away. My husband who never gets bitten by mosquitoes was so confident that he did not apply any. Well, he got bitten several times during the trip, lucky not the dengue causing breed.

    So now, the Basil and Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent is "my only trusted brand". I am very happy to have known this product. I have tried many others that did not give my family 100% protection.

    Arhsee Cheng
  • My niece and I like the Rosehip and Hawthorn Baby Cleansing Lotion.

    My niece perspires a lot and she gets eczema very easily. After this product has been recommended to me, I decided to have a try. I did not really realise it until my mum told me her eczema grew lesser (we didn't even know the lotion helps in eczema). After 1-2 weeks, it was cleared. So after clearing, my niece used back her left over body wash, and unfortunately, her eczema returned. After this accidental "experiment", we are more aware the goodness of this product. That is why the following time, I bought 4 bottles. Though it looks small, it really can last long. For me, after using, it seems like there is some moisture on my skin. I don't feel having dry skin which I like.

    I also like the sesame honey eye cream which I share with my mom. As ladies grow older, we are starting to get wrinkles. I like this is because of the natural smell that it doesn't sting like other commercial eye cream products I've used.

    Finally, the mosquito repellent lotion. I really think this is a MUST, because a lot of people having dengue fever caused by mosquitoes. Precaution is always better especially when my niece and I love going to parks..we feel safer if we use the repellent before going outdoors. I think your products are basically very cost-saving, because I do not need to use a lot to create big impact.. just a little will do, and the prices are reasonable.

    Most important is your products do not have chemicals. I think people feel safer when using these natural organic products.

    Wynn Liu
  • I have been using the massage oil as a replacement of my usual body lotion for about 6 months now. Initially, I was thinking if it would be too oily to be used as a moisturiser, then I quickly found out that it gets absorbed so fast that it barely leave any trace of oil on my skin. The result is surprising good. I wake up in the morning having soft and supple skin (my skin used to be dry from sleeping in air-conditioned room). On top of that, my skin also feel smooth with a hint of aroma. A little oil goes a long way, though I tend to be over generous with it as I simply love the feel and the smell of the natural oil on my skin. My personal favourite is the Toning Oil with rosemary and sage.

    Yasmin Tan