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Holiday Fun, Staying Local

By Kira's Mum, 04/12/2017 - 21:23
Long Weekend Happiness

Hooray, long weekends have arrived!  We know many of you have been working long hours, and we bet you can’t wait to soak up some Easter fun with your family.

Of course, we know you’re totally organised and ready for the weekend.  But just in case you’ve not been afforded the time to think about it, we’ve put together a list of things to do, places to go, and what to pack before you hit the great (and hot) outdoors in the Lion City.

What to pack:

-        Sunblock.  You can trust Sunumbra to give you that all-important protection without the nasty chemicals

-        Mosquito repellent.  Have you heard? Pure Beginnings has a brand-new convenient spray version of your favourite insect repellent stick.

-        Hats.  Protect those lovely heads and beautiful faces.

-        Water.  Remember to stay hydrated, happy and energised.

-        Healthy snacks. Prevent hungry moans and groans with nuts, fresh (or dried) fruit, and seed bars.

-        Facial Spritzer. Beautifully scented facial spray to freshen up your skin and your spirit… Victorian Garden makes these three gorgeous toning fresheners; or try one of these cool DIY recipes.

-        Zone-Out Material: A book, magazine, or headphones and music to enjoy while the kids play and you relax… it’s important to make time for you!

-        Something to sit on… Apparently this pocket-sized blanket unfolds into 160cm X 110cm. Sounds great, don’t you think?

Places to go and things to do with the kids in Singapore:

-        Playgrounds:  Set your little ones’ big imaginations free at these educational playgrounds! (We especially liked the sound of this obstacle course for the whole family at Our Tampine’s Hub!)

-        Theatre:  Enjoy a musical play together: Lao Jiu: The Musical is on at The Drama Centre Theatre 06-23 April 2017.

-        Feasts:  If you love foods and flavours as much as we do, you’ll probably be super excited about the first-ever Michelin Street Food Showcase at the Resorts World Sentosa - The Coliseum.

-        Outdoors and Festivals:  Of course, Gardens by the Bay is a well-loved and trusted place to enjoy with the family.  Bonus: “the annual Voilah! French Festival Singapore returns this year with a bespoke showcase of more than 40 events around Singapore over six weeks, from 8 April to 21 May.” Exciting! Let us know if you take in one of the shows…

-        More Festivals:  The Singapore Heritage Festival – steeped in stories and interesting histories, this festival gets you exploring your own island home, and it runs from 28 April to 14 May at various venues all over the city. Take a peek at the itinerary as it’s revealed to see what you’d like to take part in!

And for those staying home… (we didn’t forget you):

-        Fun crafts and activities for the kids and parents. (Aren’t those glove monsters cute?  And we just love the DIY fireflies.)

Whatever it is you do this weekend, please remember to be safe, to laugh and to enjoy every minute with those you choose to spend your time with. Happy Easter to all.  

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