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The best South African organic natural skincare brands


Vines and Roots brings to Singapore proven natural and organic beauty products from South Africa. Vines and Roots is the exclusive distributor of The Victorian Garden, Sunumbra, Africa Organics and Pure Beginnings in Singapore.


Africa organics’ range is based on wild-harvested African plants. Wild-harvesting helps to maintain biodiversity because rural communities value the trees for the annual fruit harvest. This means that they don’t use the trees for firewood and they earn fair wages for their harvest. Their whole range is certified organic with Ecocert in France and is also certified vegan and cruelty free.

Africa organics’ products are 100% African and draw every possible benefit from their source plants, while causing no harm to either man or nature. Using Africa Organics, you will experience the effectiveness of natural ingredients without added preservatives, and the awareness that what heals you can also help heal Africa.

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Pure Beginnings Organic Skin Care believes in keeping your skin as pure as the day you were born by providing effective, organically formulated skincare products that care for you and your family's skin, and are not harmful to the environment.

Africa contains a quarter of the world’s biodiversity, with more than 30 000 indigenous species that are well adapted to unforgiving environmental conditions. For centuries they have provided Africans with fruits, oils, remedies and nutritional supplements.

Sourcing fairly traded natural product ingredients from African communities helps provide income to put food on the table, educate children and obtain medical support when needed. It also helps protect biodiversity and the environment, as communities realise the value in protecting their local forests, instead of clearing them for firewood and to plant un-productive crops.

Pure Beginnings is an accredited partner of Phytotrade Africa, a fair trade organisation that supports community based projects in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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sunumbra® sunscreens are a range of chemical free sunscreens, using a combination of African plant extracts (or botanicals) as the key 'hidden secret' to being able to substitute for the harmful chemical filters found in many sunscreens sold today.

Formulated and manufactured in South Africa, sunumbra® sunscreens provide:
• effective, stable, high level protection against both UVA and UVB radiation
• protection from free radical damage and atmospheric toxins
• active natural nutrients to reverse the effects of radiation damage
• that every ingredient offers a clear and direct benefit and is not merely included to 'look good'

sunumbra® sunscreens have 2 key messages:
• you don't have to destroy your skin with chemicals to avoid getting burnt by the sun
• you can happily embrace the sun for its’ wonderful health-giving properties

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The Victorian Garden has captured the very essence of Vintage Natural and Organic products and brought them into the 21st century to craft beautiful personal care products using flower and herb extracts popular in bygone times.

The Victorian Garden develops products with love and respect for the earth and all products are made with as near 100% natural and organic ingredients as possible. Ingredients are all biodegradable, many are Vegan friendly and are formulated with plant-derived ingredients.

All our bottles are carefully sourced to be recyclable. We use safe phthalate-free plastic which has less impact on the environment than glass, is recyclable and will not leach industrial chemicals into the product thereby keeping it safe and stable.

The Victorian Garden is a member of the CTFA (Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrances Association of South Africa) and Beauty Without Cruelty International.


Vines and Roots was established in Singapore to offer South African products that enhance your skin, hair, body and well-being with formulas proven to be effective yet gentle, for optimal benefits. In response to genuine needs expressed by our customers, we launched our private label products to cater to local and regional considerations.

Every Vines and Roots Private Label product is made with the same attention to detail - researching blends with our partner lab in South Africa, sourcing potent plant-based ingredients sustainably to craft natural and organic formulations of exceptional quality.

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